Are you vulnerable to Ransomware Attacks?


Lockdown is a network security solution that defends your company from attack.


You might have a chance of defending against threats if they were all external. Internal threats are real. You need a solution that interprets what is being done - and why - to determine what file access should and shouldn't be allowed by users.

Lockdown restricts all users so they can only do what they should be doing, making it hard for a hacker or a rogue employee to abuse access permissions.

The problem with most security approaches is that they do not start at the 'root' of things. Lockdown is embedded into the operating system and can't be disabled or circumvented without Lockdown system administrative privledges. 

Keeping attackers out is not enough

Lockdown is designed to block persistent threats, script kiddies, and even nation state level threats. This is achieved by not only watching what is being done with your data, but how its being used.

Lockdown Chart


Fixed Configuration & Secure Communication

The Lockdown driver configuration can be baked into a signed driver so changes can not be made without reinstalling a new driver. All communications are secure preventing possible man-in-the-middle attacks.

PROactive Actions

When a rule is breached, protective actions are activated including isolating and shutting servers down and encrypting valuable data which allows data to be protected even if your server is in enemy hands.

Centralized Monitoring 

The Centralized Web Console (CWC) provides a dashboard  which displays all protected systems allowing you to understand what is happening without digging through logs.